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Elixir v1.8 released

Elixir v1.8 comes with many improvements at the infrastructure level, improving compilation time, speeding up common patterns, and adding features around introspection of the system.

Using configuration to swap modules for mocks in your Elixir tests

As you can see by this blog post I have attached a photo. If you were to look at the source for this image you will see its hosted on S3. When it came time to test my Social module that I used for creating blog posts I had a challenge to figure out.

From Rails to Elixir: Safe Rewrites with NOOP Deployments

System rewrites are hard. Mitigate risks by planning carefully and doing it incrementally.

Create a High-Availability Kubernetes Cluster on AWS with Kops

This week I’ve published an article mainly focused on DevOps. I show how to create a High-Availability Kubernetes cluster on AWS with Kops and deploy a Phoenix Chat application. I explain the basics to have our own HA Kubernetes cluster on the cloud, so we can later (in further articles) experiment and discuss on the deployment of Distributed Elixir applications.

Cool CLIs in Elixir with IO.write/2

A couple months ago I wrote a script that needed to take a CSV file with ~500k lines and process records from each of those lines. I wanted some way to keep track of the progress, and logging out each line number on a separate line was filling my console really fast. Even just outputting a single period without a newline was overwhelming. This led to me researching how to overwrite a console line. I decided to make a quick video about how to do it and try to share my knowledge.