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Developing a Slack Bot in Elixir Phoenix

There are many team messaging apps available in the market, but Slack is not only preferred for its simplicity but also for a wide variety of Slack apps. Slack apps make our lives a lot easier if designed carefully.

Two Years of Elixir at Podium: Thoughts

Exactly two years ago today, our largest Elixir app hit production. We had two other, smaller, low-risk Elixir apps running in production at the time. However, with this larger app, once it hit production, there was no going back. We named it “Black Mamba”, after the world’s fastest snake. We had high hopes for this app.

How to create Elixir release and use environment variables configured at runtime

One of the problems we are facing with every new application is the proper usage of Elixir with the possibility to use environment variables from a “docker-compose” file to configure the application at runtime.

Distributed Phoenix Chat with PubSub PG2 adapter

In this article we see how to cluster Phoenix Chat nodes, using distributed Elixir. We see how pg2 works and inspect how Phoenix efficiently broadcasts the messages in a distributed chat app.

Understanding Elixir's Strange Module Names

While brushing up on Elixir for our company hackathon, I discovered that its way of resolving modules is a little strange. In this post I dive into the strangeness to reveal the underlying mechanisms.