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Pearls of Elixir - Interesting patterns from popular Elixir packages

I had a wonderful time giving a talk at the Elixir January Tech Meetup here in Toronto. Big thanks to Mattia for organizing and PagerDuty for hosting the meetup! I wanted to capture the talk in a blog post and here it is.

Introduction to handle_continue in Elixir (and when to use it)

The handle_continue/2 callback prevents race conditions and allows for faster, asynchronous initialization.

How We Learned Elixir—Our Story and Tutorial for Beginners

How to learn Elixir quickly and efficiently? There's no one perfect way but we can recommend ours. Here's our Elixir tutorial for beginners basing on the experience gained through the Advent of Code and regular educational meetings within the company.

How to Learn Elixir for Hipster Javascript Developers

Concepts like pattern matching (destructuring), functions as first-class citizens, and pipelines should be immediately recognizable to Javascript developers.

Benchmarking Go vs Node vs Elixir

In this benchmark test, we compare three web application servers—Go, Node, and Elixir (Cowboy)—by subjecting each to a synthetic workload, first with 10k, and later with 100k connections.