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ExMachina for Elixir: Factories with a Functional Twist

A tool similar to FactoryGirl in Rails code that improves your testing.

Fetching Reddit Posts using Elixir

Joseph Kain shows how to use Elixir for some simple data mining of Reddit posts.

Playing Poker with Elixir (pt. 2)

Tommy Fisher continues in his series on creating games with Elixir.

10 Reasons to Use Elixir in Finance

John Orford explains why Elixir is a good fit for finance and how the implicit parallelism is important to that field.

Elixir is not Ruby

Clark Kampfe explains why elixir is not as similar to ruby as it might look at the first sight and how different the Erlang VM is to Ruby interpreter.

Elixir Fountain with Lennart Fridén

New Elixir fountain is out and this time with Lennart Friden.

Guts of Phoenix websocket channels

Zohaib Rauf dives into Phoenix channels implementation over web sockets.

The emergent elegance of Elixir scoping - The Pug Automatic

Henrik Nyh's article about scoping in Elixir and macros.

The Road to 2 Million Websocket Connections in Phoenix

Garry Rennie shows how Phoenix got to the point where it can handle loads of simultaneous connections.