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Speed up your website with ImageKit.io - a complete image management solution at $0 / month

ImageKit, with its global storage and delivery network and features like automatic compression, best format selection with WebP support, URL-based resizing, smart cropping and overlays, is your one-stop solution for image optimization. Also integrates with AWS S3, Magento and Wordpress. Use it for free up to 20GB output bandwidth per month. Or get premium features & custom domain names starting just $39 / month.

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Using Raxx.View in Plug applications

There are several articles explaining the value of creating applications with just Plug, when you don't require all the trappings of a batteries included framework. One common example is a small API service.

Many to many relationships with Ecto

How to handle many to many relationships with Ecto in Elixir.

Why Linked Lists?

I've always thought data structures are cool, but you know what's cooler? Seeing them in the wild!

Download Large Files with HTTPoison Async Requests

In this article we see how some kind of HTTP requests/responses can lead to memory issues. We see then how to manage this issues using HTTPoison Async Requests to asynchronously download large files.


Firebird database driver for Elixir.