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Getting started with Scenic in Elixir — Crafting a simple snake game

There’s a new UI framework in town, how hard is it to build a simple game with it? Not much, actually!

The Versatility of Function Declarations in Elixir

Over the past few months I’ve been lucky enough to use Elixir at work. I wrote some hobby projects in Ruby in the past, so my first surprise was in finding out how differently Elixir behaves despite the syntactic similarities between the two.

Hey Process, there is a Message for you!

Messages are a fundamental part of concurrency in Erlang and Elixir. In this article I introduce how messaging between processes works. We play with simple examples to see how a process sends and receives messages.

Cool CLIs in Elixir (Part 2) with IO.ANSI

IO.write/2is a cool function, but the real work there is done by the carriage return (\r). Carriage returns are a control character that let you reset the cursor to the beginning of the current line of text, similar to how an old-fashioned typewriter works. There are many other control characters that do a similar job. If you want to learn more about the history of how terminals and command line interfaces came about, I highly recommend this Crash Course on Keyboards & Commend Line Interfaces.

Personal notes from Lonestar Elixir Conf 2019

I just came back from Lonestar Elixir Conf 2019 in Austin, Texas. The conference was a single track, 2 days, with an extra day for an optional training (that I didn’t attend this time). Even not been considered the most important conference in the Elixir ecosystem in the US, the lineup was really great, with 4 keynotes including José Valim (Elixir creator), Chris McCord (Phoenix creator) and Justin Schneck (Nerves co-creator) and great talks.