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Small tips for Elixir beginners

Elixir has been hyped in recent years as a programming language for modern Web development. If you want to learn Elixir go ahead and read few tips that I’m sharing with you to make your first experience with Elixir more appealing. After having built my first product (Retrochat - Retrospectives Slack bot) with Elixir I came to a conclusion that Elixir ecosystem is very big. You can read guides, books and documentations for a long time before you have a courage to jump in and start writing programs. My aim is to help you start writing Elixir ASAP, because the sooner you dive in, the faster you will learn it.

Elixir's If and Elixir's Do

So recently I came across the fact that Elixir is full of macros, and that it allows you to interact with its internal syntax tree pretty easily (using quote), and I thought that was a pretty cool thing.

The Primitives of Elixir Concurrency

Let's finally put in practice what we've seen about concurrency primitives in Elixir! In this article we see how to use `spawn`, `send` and `receive` to make multiple concurrent HTTP requests, merging the results in a single one. Then we see how to refactor our code with `Task`, which makes everything easier. The most passionate will find a small challenge at the end.

Elixir Phoenix LiveView with a real world example

Chris McCord recently released the code for the new Phoenix LiveView, which allows you to create interactive, real time templates, using server-rendered HTML - In other words, no Javascript needed!

Walk-Through of Phoenix LiveView

Phoenix LiveView is brand brand new so I thought I’d provide a short write-up of a super simple demo I built for anyone looking to get up and running. Keep in mind that the library is still a release candidate and as such, is subject to change.