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API authentication with Phoenix, Auth0 and Guardian 

This article demonstrates how to setup a machine to machine API authentication using Phoenix, Auth0 and Guardian.

IEx Persistent History

The ERL_AFLAGS variable is for setting a list of options which are added to the beginning of the erl command. In this case, we are adding the shell_history option for saving our shell history between sessions.


Build concurrent and multi-stage data ingestion and data processing pipelines with Elixir. It allows developers to consume data efficiently from different sources, such as Amazon SQS, RabbitMQ, and others.

Elixir Streams to process large HTTP responses on the fly

In this first of a two-parts article, we see how to transform an HTTPoison async response into an Elixir Stream, to easily process large remote files on the fly, gaining code clarity and reusability.

Handling Elixir Processes: From 0 to DynamicSupervisor

With Java it’s possible to use processes and parallelize them but it isn’t common and it’s always a struggle. One of the use cases I used processes for was when I had to process a big amount of data in a reduced timeframe, but as a rule of thumb I avoided them as much as I could. With Elixir I found another world that, citing Bruce Williams, doesn’t treat concurrency and process management like afterthoughts or advanced features. A few months ago Elixir was updated to version 1.6 which introduced the DynamicSupervisor.


Professional LiveView and OTP

Based on the coming books, Designing Systems with OTP and the second edition of Programming Phoenix, Bruce Tate will walk you through the strategies you'll need to build web applications without JavaScript. You can focus on what's happening on the server, even as you build the most interactive of applications. We'll cover a strategy for rapidly building applications the Elixir way. May 2, 3 in Chattanooga, TN at the Moxy. Seats limited.