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Elixir OTP: Scrapping data from multiple sources

Just like in the documentary series “Big, Bigger, Biggest” we are going to show the different versions we developed on a real project, alongside the pitfalls and breakthroughs of each version, to increasingly scrape and aggregate bigger amounts of data from multiple sources and feed that data into a comprehensive dashboard.

Custom PostgreSQL driver and adapter for Ecto

Ever wonder how does Ecto work with a database? What Postgrex, DBConnection, and EctoSQL are for? “Tear apart and put it back together” — that’s how I learn. Follow me along as I build DBConnection compliant PostgreSQL driver, write an adapter for Ecto, and put it all together in a fancy way. The goal of this exercise is to build a naive implementation of Postgrex and Ecto.Adapters.Postgres and to understand how everything is connected under the hood. Let’s start right away.

Basic HTTP authentication in Elixir/Phoenix

Let’s look on what HTTP Basic authentication is and how to implement and test the HTTP Basic authentication in a Phoenix web application.

Elixir Stream and large HTTP responses: processing text

This time we are going to process on the fly a 30 million lines remote file, summing the numbers of each line. We will see how to implement the functions we need to convert a stream of chunks (the one built in the part 1) to a stream of lines. We'll then run a benchmark of two different implementations. We will then see how easy and quick is to process just the first 30 lines of the same 125mb remote file.

Discovering the truth behind an invalid_file_path error

Recently, we noticed a lot of invalid changeset errors were occurring with the message invalid_file_path during this operation (changesets allow systems to filter, cast, validate, and define constraints when manipulating structs). The weird thing is that requested files come from our own content delivery network (CDN) and files can be fetched directly via the browser.


Professional LiveView and OTP

Based on the coming books, Designing Systems with OTP and the second edition of Programming Phoenix, Bruce Tate will walk you through the strategies you'll need to build web applications without JavaScript. You can focus on what's happening on the server, even as you build the most interactive of applications. We'll cover a strategy for rapidly building applications the Elixir way. May 2, 3 in Chattanooga, TN at the Moxy. Seats limited.