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Building Real-Time Features with Phoenix Live View and PubSub

Integrate Phoenix PubSub with LiveView to build real-time features capable of broadcasting updates across a set of clients.

Step-by-Step Tutorial to Build a Phoenix App that Supports User Uploads

In this step-by-step tutorial, we see in depth how to build a Phoenix app from scratch, letting users upload their files using a multipart form. We learn how to easily run PostgreSQL with Docker, to receive uploads using Plug, and how to use Ecto to store upload details into the database.

Dumb Elixir VIsual (and iMproved) editor

This isn’t “introduction into Vim” article neither “how to configure Vim for Elixir development”. Here I will try to describe how I use Vim for Elixir and Erlang development, you can find some nice ideas and tips that may help you, but by any means I do not mean that this is configuration you should or should not use. You should use whatever you like (even if I do not like what you use) as long as you understand what you use and why you use that.

Phoenix CSRF protection in HTML forms, React forms, and APIs

Let’s see how Phoenix implements CSRF for standard HTML multipart forms and how to use CSRF tokens outside these forms in React forms or API calls.

Why Elixir Excels at Test Driven Development

Test Driven Development (TDD) is a practice I use to help me write better software. The basic process of TDD is; Write a failing test, make it pass, refactor the code. Elixir has a fantastic set of tools for doing TDD.


Gig City Elixir Conference - October 18-19, 2019, Chattanooga, Tennessee

In a world making a slow transition between object oriented and functional paradigms, our conference is packed with experienced developers and industry leaders who have been active voices for both. They are there to do one thing: make you a better programmer by focusing on the foundational skills you’ll take with you no matter the tech stack. So whether seasoned software engineer or Johnny-come-lately there’s a lot of something for everyone. New ideas and new friends await. Look forward to seeing you all in October! Early bird tickets on sale now!