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Validate Ecto Unique Associations with Compound Indexes

Praveen Perera shows how to validate Ecto associations.

Elixir Fountain 2015-11-13 Alan Gardner

New issue of Elixir fountain podcast wtih Alan Gardner is out.

Collecting Multiple Streams of Work Into a Pool in Elixir

Joseph Kain talks about using streams of work in Elixir in his domain scraper architecture.

Functional Geekery Episode 34 – Johnny Winn

Johnny Winn the host from Elixir fountain podcast is a gues on Functional Geekery.

Why am I excited about Elixir?

Jerel Ulruh talks about Elixir and OTP and why it makes a difference for his application.

Atom Editor for Elixir Development

A description of useful packages in Atom editor to use for Elixir development and comments on what works well and what doesn't.


Phoenix with Elm - part 1

Alan Gardner shows how to use Elm with Phoenix in Elixir.