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Collecting Multiple Streams of Work Into a Pool in Elixir

Joseph Kain talks about using streams of work in Elixir in his domain scraper architecture.

Functional Geekery Episode 34 – Johnny Winn

Johnny Winn the host from Elixir fountain podcast is a gues on Functional Geekery.

Elixir Fountain 2015-11-13 Alan Gardner

New issue of Elixir fountain podcast wtih Alan Gardner is out.

Atom Editor for Elixir Development

A description of useful packages in Atom editor to use for Elixir development and comments on what works well and what doesn't.

Validate Ecto Unique Associations with Compound Indexes

Praveen Perera shows how to validate Ecto associations.

Phoenix with Elm - part 1

Alan Gardner shows how to use Elm with Phoenix in Elixir.

Why am I excited about Elixir?

Jerel Ulruh talks about Elixir and OTP and why it makes a difference for his application.