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How do you update relations in Phoenix forms?

This episode answers a student's question about how to use Phoenix forms to create and update things that have belongs_to or has_one associations

Event Sourcing With Elixir

So why Event Sourcing? I’ve been quite obsessed about events for a while now, and for me they feel like a game changer (I’m not alone). The concept of having database state be a function of successive events has a ton of potential, and it seems to be taking off in the industry at large.

A Little on Property-Based Testing with PropEr

If you are like me you’ve known you need to figure out property testing for a long time now and keep putting it off. Now that there is a book, with a free version even, it is the best time to get going.

Elixir Makes Testing Hard Things Easy

I love Elixir. If we’ve talked at a conference or you work with me, you know this. I constantly find small nuggets when working with Elixir that simply bring joy to me. One of these nuggets recently emerged that I thought worth sharing.

Enforcing code quality in Elixir

Enforcing your Elixir code to be well formatted, with no warnings and hopefully free of bugs. I’m talking about a mix alias that will check the quality of the code, and that can be used during local development and also on CI/CD pipelines to enforce the team (or yourself) to keep a clean code. But keep in mind that there's no magic, you're still responsible for creating a code that's well organized, performant, without security issues, and pleasant for human reading.