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Why Choose Elixir?

For quite some time now, Elixir has been getting more and more attention in the programming world. Due to its reliability, the most interest has been shown by the banking industry, where data is constantly verified, tracked, consolidated and monitored while ensuring maximum security, no data losses or mistakes. This article aims to introduce Elixir as a new alternative for well-known programming languages.

Telegram bots with ExGram

It has been more than a year since a wrote Telegram Bots and Elixir a little guide that shows how to create Telegram bots with Elixir thanks to Telex. But Telex does not exist anymore, since it was updated to the awesome ExGram! So it is time to see how can we create a Telegram bot using ExGram.

What’s the Fastest Data Structure to Implement a Game Board in Elixir?

Ever wanted to implement something board game like in Elixir? Chess? Go? Islands? Well, then you’re gonna need a board! But what data structure would be the most efficient one to use in Elixir? Conventional wisdom for a lot of programming languages is to use some sort of array. However, most programming languages with immutable data structures don’t have an array data structure. Elixir is one of those languages.

Help Dialyzer Help You!

If you define an opaque type, you have to add specs to all the exported functions that use it (i.e. your module’s API).

Take advantage of AWS Rekognition with Elixir (ex_aws_rekognition)

This article intent is to emphasise the potential of AWS Rekognition displaying its value with some examples and sample code using an existent package we developed to easily integrate all of its functionalities into your Elixir project.