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Building a cache in Elixir with ETS

Joseph Kain shows how to use Erlang Term Storage to build a cache for your Elixir applications.

Playing Poker with Elixir (pt. 3)

Tommy Fisher's third part about creating a poker game in Elixir.

Elixir Fountain 2015-11-20 Justin Schneck

Elixir Fountain episode with Justin Schneck.

Good Tooling educates: Credo 0.1.0 released

An Elixir linter that provides refactoring suggestions and educates user by René Föhring. Awesome tool if you are learning Elixir.

Phoenix, React, Redux example

Ben Smith shows how to integrate react, redux and phoenix into a powerful combination of technologies.


A list of authentication repositories and providers for Google, Facebook and Slack.

Phoenix is not Rails

Chris McCord describes major differences and similarities of Phoenix and Ruby on Rails.