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Elixir TDD with ExUnit (interview / toy problem)

In this episode we'll use the built-in library ExUnit to TDD our way through building a module to calculate Fibonacci numbers. We'll have two primary functions—Fibonacci.nth/1 which will return the nth number of Fibonacci sequence, and Fibonacci.first_n/1 which will return a list of the the first n numbers of the sequence.

Elixir: A Mini-Documentary (Official Release)

Get ready to explore the origins of the #Elixir programming language, the manner in which it handles concurrency and the speed with which it has grown since its creation back in 2011.

Setup vim for elixir development

As the title says, it’s not a topic about choosing suitable editor / IDE for elixir development, you love vim and ofcourse elixir and all you need is a simple guide get a nice, fast and productive environment for elixir development in vim.


Recase helps you to convert a string from any case to any case.

Pipeline: Pass it in first

A pipeline operator was introduced to the trunk of Ruby, and it has a controversial argument. It seems that various things have been said about this "pipeline operator" itself.