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Detect Code Breaks in Real-Time

Rollbar detects when code breaks in real-time and provides the full stack trace and diagnostic data to help you defeat impactful errors. Debug with data and instantly know what's broken and why. Try Rollbar for free!

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Understanding Elixir's Strange Module Names

As I was getting comfortable with Elixir, one weird thing began to stand out to me. When you open up the console (iex) and type in a module name, there's never an error.

Why am I interested in Elixir?

Why? What makes it so interesting to me? It is just a programming language and I try not to be religious in these matters. I’ll try to outline what attracted me to Elixir, made me keep yearning for it and what I’ve been digging into recently as I’ve made time to actually get more comfortable with it.

Ten Years of Erlang

I wanted to take a bit of time to reflect over most of that decade. In this post, I'll cover a few things such as hype phases and how this related to Erlang, the ladder of ideas within the language and how that can impact adoption, what changed in my ten years here, and I'll finish up with what I think Erlang still has to bring to the programming community at large.

Elixir resources

We are planning introducing Elixir into our toolbox. This page summarizes key resources we have user / are using for learning Elixir and pushing it to production. Feel free to propose changes via pull-request.

Elixir GenServers Memory Issues

Are you having problems with memory management while using GenServers? Then maybe you should take a look at our latest article for some tips!