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Monitor Your Phoenix Application with Sentry

In this blog post I cover how to setup error monitoring in your Elixir+Phoenix application using Sentry.

Verbalex - Regex with the reader and writer in mind

Regular expressions are notoriously read once, write once. Especially the ones I hacked together and hotfixed a hundred times over early in my programming career.

Deploy a Phoenix App with Mix Releases

This is a guide to deploying a Phoenix application packaged with Mix releases introduced in Elixir 1.9.

Common Test for Elixir developers

In my new job I have opportunity to work a little bit more with Erlang code and Erlang related tools than earlier. That forced me a little to learn and use Common Test library which is the testing library in Erlang world. When after that I needed to work back it hit me hard how much stuff I am missing in Elixir. In this article I will try to present Common Test library from the viewpoint of long standing Elixir guy and present how it compares to the ExUnit.

Introducing Temple: An elegant HTML library for Elixir and Phoenix

Conventional template languages like EEx use a form of interpolation to embed a programming language into a markup language, which can result in some ugly code that can be difficult to write and debug. Temple is written using pure elixir.