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Detect Code Breaks in Real-Time

Rollbar detects when code breaks in real-time and provides the full stack trace and diagnostic data to help you defeat impactful errors. Debug with data and instantly know what's broken and why. Try Rollbar for free!

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Why choose Elixir?

Some time ago, I was discussing the possibilities of Kotlin and Elixir with a colleague. Our rather academic exchange only lent further credence to the notion that every developer has their own specific point of view and specific needs. If you’re working with Kotlin, it might be hard for you to understand the hype around Elixir, and vice versa. And this, in turn, might lead one to outright ignore a particular technology.

Setting up Phoenix + PostgreSQL with docker-compose for local development

I’ve been learning Elixir recently and enjoying it so far, coming from a Rails background it’s really similar to Ruby. As I’m a Docker fan I had to configure everything up to be able to develop with it.

Use Phoenix LiveView to Enhance Observability

Application observability is becoming more and more important nowadays. Phoenix LiveView is a perfect technical solution for this use case. In this post, we will see how important observability is and why Phoenix LiveView is a perfect fit.

The misunderstanding of “let it crash”

If you are programming in Erlang, Elixir or any other of growing number of languages that run on top of BEAM VM, you probably heard about “let it crash” philosophy.

One task to rule all Elixir analysis & testing tools

Here’s how to spend less time managing & running all the tools that assist in developing top-notch Elixir code.