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Easy content and translation management with Yata

No need to redeploy upon any content or translation change! Yata allows you to move content and translations creation and management totally outside of your project. What’s the best is that using elixir Yata leverages live websockets connections to push all the changes live to your clients. Get 15% exclusive discount for Elixir Digest readers only.

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Ecto Embedded Schemas — Quick search through a JSONB array in PostgreSQL

This post shortly describes how to create embedded schemas in Ecto to save a JSON data structure on your database, and how to implement a direct database search on this same field.

Microservices: 3 slips into over-engineering and 1 into under-engineering

In this article I make a case for simplicity when designing a microservice based architecture. When done right they yield valuable advantages such as autonomy and flexibility, but are paired with over-the-wire latency and deployment/hosting costs. This is not an advanced guided, but rather I want to help you question if you really need X approach, does it make to have a new process spin for it, can you have a glimpse of the hidden costs.

Unwelcome, Replicating, Evasive, Self-Healing Infrastructure for Elixir

Annelid is an evasive, self-healing process that replicates and spreads throughout a cluster of Elixir nodes. It operates by sending itself back and forth in AST form to other nodes in the cluster, like a contagious quine.

How to Use Elixir's Compiler to Avoid Typos

In this article, I want to describe how you can use elixir metaprogramming to avoid some runtime errors caused by typos. If you're passing around some handcrafted messages ex. %{name: "app_one_hello", payload: "payload"} you can easily introduce errors.

Financial Portfolio rebalancing with Elixir

A portfolio is a grouping of financial assets such as stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies and cash equivalents, as well as their fund counterparts, including mutual, exchange-traded and closed funds. A portfolio can also consist of non-publicly tradable securities, like real estate, art, and private investments.