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Easy content and translation management with Yata

No need to redeploy upon any content or translation change! Yata allows you to move content and translations creation and management totally outside of your project. What’s the best is that using elixir Yata leverages live websockets connections to push all the changes live to your clients. Get 15% exclusive discount for Elixir Digest readers only.

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Lessons Learned from Shipping PushEx

It’s been a while since I announced the initial open-source release of PushEx. We had a few small challenges to solve in order to roll it out, and then I let it bake for several months to ensure that it is stable in production. It has been running for several months now at production scale, and I cut the first official release of it on hex.pm today. These are some of the challenges and lessons learned from running it in production.

Phoenix API Authentication with Pow

Pow provides an excellent authentication solution for Phoenix HTML applications; but what if you are looking to build out an API? Recently a new API guide has been published, and in this post we’ll have a look at how easy it is to use Pow in the context of an API.

Personal notes from Elixir Conf 2019

As I always like to take notes when attending conferences and these are my highlights for Elixir Conf 2019. Please be advised that those notes are written like reminders for things I considered relevant during the talks and they are not a summary of them by any means. As the conference had many tracks, of course I couldn't attend all the talks, so feel free to comment with your favorite talk and notes:

Elixir Telemetry: Metrics and Reporters

For measurements to be valuable, they must be collated into metrics. Elixir's Telemetry.Metrics library enables us to aggregate measurements from functions and processes into valuable metrics to aid us in making decisions about our projects.

3 Key Ideas Behind The Erlang Thesis

Elixir, my current favorite programming language, is built upon Erlang. So, to understand many concepts for Elixir, I need to learn more about Erlang. Without any doubt, the paper written by its creator, making reliable distributed system in the presence of software errors, is the best way to learn why Erlang was designed in this way.