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How to Create Desktop Application with Elixir

Writing desktop application is not an easy task. But why don't use Elixir, Phoenix and LiveView? We will figure out how we can create a desktop application using those technologies.

An Elixir Mystery

Elixir is used to run distributed realtime systems at Ably Realtime, a hosted data stream network. This article, from one of our engineers, traces the origins of an unexplained bug. In the process, it gives an overview of ways to debug in Elixir.

Elixir Performance – Using IO Data Lists

My side projects revolve around text based games, namely MUDs, so I have a lot of string processing built into them. I always knew that IO lists should be quicker than interpolating into strings, but never got around to using it. After watching Johanna's talk though, I decided to give it a shot and upgrade my newer codebase Spigot to use IO lists.

Deploying Phoenix to Kubernetes from Scratch

Kubernetes is such an exciting technology, but it can be overwhelming when starting. There are many reasons to use Kubernetes, and likely an equal number of valid reasons to use something different. I don’t have anything interesting or new to add to that debate though. I use Kubernetes at work and for personal projects, and I love the options it gives me for deploying applications. There’s an initial burden when getting the cluster set up and learning the basics, but deploying applications is easy and quick after.

How to find an Elixir job?

During my entire career, I’ve been recruiting many times, hiring developers for different roles and filling available positions with various programmers. As an interviewer, I went through multiple tech talks and coding assessments. This time, however, I’m on the opposite side. It’s me who is being interviewed as recently I’ve started looking for a new contract.