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Easy content and translation management with Yata

No need to redeploy upon any content or translation change! Yata allows you to move content and translations creation and management totally outside of your project. What’s the best is that using elixir Yata leverages live websockets connections to push all the changes live to your clients. Get 15% exclusive discount for Elixir Digest readers only.

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Prometheus, PostGIS and Phoenix Part 2

In the final part of this series, we wrap up our Prometheus monitoring stack, write a stress tester with Erlang's httpc, and make our Grafana dashboards dance!

Gearbox: a functional state machine with an easy-to-use API

Gearbox does not run in a process, so there's no potential for a GenServer bottleneck. This way there's also less overhead as you won't need to setup a supervision tree/manage your state machine processes.

Running a Gatsby blog inside a Phoenix app

Like Jekyll, VuePress and other popular static site generators, Gatsby is a easy way to create a snappy blog. Since it generates plain HTML, CSS and JS (aka "a static site"), all that's really needed is to drop the files in a directory that serves static contents.

Types On The BEAM

This story is brought to you by a random, but haunting and now lost, tweet by bodil in which she berated lovers of testing and dynamic languages by pointing out that types are a form of compile-time testing. You make declarations about your intent and the compiler asserts them at write time.

Which companies are using Erlang, and why?

Once upon a time, Cisco, Ericsson, Klarna, Goldman Sachs, T-Mobile, WhatsApp, Amazon and many other top companies kept a secret. Erlang was that badly kept secret. Many have heard of it, but few realise that it controls vast amounts of infrastructure, including the fixed and mobile networks we use on a daily basis.


Elixir Engineer at Sketch, Remote

Come and join our talented team to help to build high-quality Elixir/Phoenix APIs that allow designers and developers across the world to collaborate on Sketch documents. We are looking for full-time experienced Elixir engineers that can apply the best practices and techniques to our Elixir backend and take full advantage of OTP.