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Video for Elixir with Mux

Use Mux to easily build video experiences into your Elixir app that stream beautifully, everywhere.

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Web scraping with Elixir

As the amount of data we create grows, so too does our ability to inherent, interpret and understand it. Taking enormous datasets and generating very specific findings are leading to fantastic progress in all areas of human knowledge, including science, marketing and machine learning.

Getting up and running with Faktory in Elixir

Faktory is a server daemon that allows us to queue the jobs we want to be performed in the background of our applications. It also handles other aspects of job processing such as failures, retries, and queue prioritisation. In this post, we are going to look at how we can use the faktory_worker library to connect to Faktory from an Elixir application and process jobs.

Converting A Traditional Controller Driven App To Phoenix LiveView

This is part 1 of a 2 part post. In this one, we’ll move from a traditional Phoenix controller-driven application to one that is live-updating. In part 2, we’ll add add some interaction with the ability to comment. I've also embedded a video of me doing this live during a local meetup. Our task is to convert a traditional controller-driven Phoenix app to one that uses Phoenix LiveView. The application we are working on is a price tracker for 500 stocks traded on the Nasdaq exchange. In the background, there is a process that fetches data from whatever pricing source the application is connected to. Currently, our users have to refresh their browser to get see this new information. We’d like to update the application to use Phoenix LiveView to push the new information to the user when it is received.

A Taste of Functional Programming

Material to introduce functional programming using the Elixir language.

Erlang stuff that Elixir developers should know

Learning Elixir is simple, but you’ll also be embracing a new ecosystem, the Erlang/OTP ecosystem; treating it as a black-box is just going to make life harder, so let’s open it.