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Tracking Down an ETS-related Memory Leak

ETS will hold references to large binaries, even if just part of the original binary is stored in a table. Copy binaries if pieces of them are going to be kept around for a long time.

Improve Exq Writes With Pooling

Exq is a background job processing library written in Elixir. It uses Redis, via the Redix library, to store and then retrieve jobs. In this post, we’ll look at the performance of writing jobs into Redis via the Exq.Enqueuer API. You’ll see several benchmarks that utilize a single Enqueuer, a poolboy queue, and a named process pool.

Kubernetes and the Erlang VM: orchestration on the large and the small

If you look at the features listed by Kubernetes (K8s) and compare it to languages that run on the Erlang VM, such as Erlang and Elixir, the impression is that they share many keywords, such as “self-healing”, “horizontal scaling”, “distribution”, etc.


ExGram is a library to build Telegram Bots, you can use the low-level methods and models, or use the really opinionated framework included.

Dynamic Conditionals with Ecto

Recently, I needed to take a user's query and match it against multiple fields, and realized I needed to learn more about the dynamic clause for Ecto.Query. The situation arises when you want a single powerful search field that matches all or part of the query string on multiple database columns.