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How to Pin(^) in Elixir

Right side of equation gets matched and then assigned to the left side. Pretty simple! What I find quite useful is underscore to avoid assignment if I don’t need the variable.

Elixir Hello World

It is customary to start programming language tutorials with Hello World programs. So today I’m sharing with you a Hello World in Elixir, one of my favorite programming languages (along with Ruby and Python, of course).

String Length in Elixir

In a previous post, I wrote about Hello World in Elixir. Using such a simple program allowed me to discuss a few concepts about the language. This post explores strings further, by discussing how to find the length of a string in Elixir.

Elixir Trickery: Cheating on Structs, And Why It Pays Off

Today's article will come in handy especially for those who are interested in developing libraries for Elixir and making them usable across different dependency versions, which is always a problem when writing code intended to be pluggable into different applications.

How to Build a Simple Slack Bot with Elixir

It’s been some time since I became interested in Elixir and I finally decided to do something fun with it on my way to mastering it. I went with creating a small Slack bot with slash commands and I’ll show you how to make your own in a short tutorial I compiled below.