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Understanding Elixir's Broadway

Broadway is Plataformatec's next attempt at streamlining the retrieval and processing of data in Elixir. This article gives you a glimpse into that journey, provides a deeper understanding of the library, giving you everything you need to build your own Broadway application.

How to build a machine learning project in Elixir

Machine learning is an ever-growing area of interest for developers, businesses, tech enthusiasts and the general public alike. From agile start-ups to trendsetting industry leaders, businesses know that successful implementation of the right machine learning product could give them a substantial competitive advantage. We have already seen businesses reap significant benefits of machine learning in production through automated chat bots and customised shopping experiences.

Elixir Mix OTP Guide

The source code for the official guide to build a complete Elixir application, with its own supervision tree, configuration, tests and more.

The One Who Created Elixir

Creator of the functional programming language Elixir and cofounder of Plataformatec, a software consultancy specializing in Elixir and Ruby, José Valim discusses how it all started with programming, the lessons he learned while creating Elixir, and his involvement in its future.

Typespecs and Behaviours in Elixir

Today, we will dive into Typespecs and Behaviours. These are two Elixir features that we are ecstatic (pun intended) about. They are great examples of built-in features in Elixir that help get some of the advantages of statically typed code.