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StructyRecord provides a Struct-like interface for your Records.

Adopting Erlang

Adopting Erlang is an ongoing effort to gather all the resources that will help you use Erlang in a business. The booksite is divided in three sections focusing particularly on Erlang/OTP’s higher level concepts in the current open source ecosystem, how to use it in production (while setting up a pipeline for continuous development and delivery), and how to build a team when you’re starting from scratch.

Modern Talking with Elixir: Build a Messenger App with Phoenix LiveView

In a series of articles, we'll explain how Phoenix LiveView will revolutionize the way you create reactive UIs. Our new article shows what LiveView is about and points out its strengths, as well as starts a series of articles to show you how to use LiveView to build a Messenger-like live chat application.

How to Setup Phoenix LiveView

First of a series of episodes for who wants to explore Phoenix LiveView and start building real-time web apps.

How to Install Elixir on a Raspberry Pi

In this tutorial we will go through the easiest way of installing the latest and greatest versions of Erlang and Elixir on your Raspberry Pi. Since the Raspberry is still a fairly low-powered device, we will use precompiled packages instead of compiling everything from source. This will also help us to keep our system updated in the future.