Digests ยป 23

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Writing command line apps with Elixir

Ilija Eftimov shows how to write a command line application in Elixir with escript.

Playing Poker with Elixir (pt. 4)

Tommy Fisher continues his series about the implementation of a poker game in Elixir.

Learning Elixir's with

Joseph Kain introduces the new "with" feature from Elixir 1.2.

Elixir block keywords

Henrik Nyh discusses blocks in elixir and how they are related to macro system.

Using C from Elixir with NIFs

Andrea Leopardi shows how to use C code inside Elixir.

Elixir Fountain 2015-12-04 Proctor

Johnny Rugger's another issue of excellent Elixir fountain this week with Steve Proctor.

Speeding up Elixir project build times on Travis CI

Scalesmall W3 Elixir Macro Guards


Strabo is a system designed to make it easy to run fast, scalable, and potentially complex geospatial analyses over your data.