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Riak Core on Partisan on Elixir Tutorial: Migrating Data with Handoff

We are going to implement handoff by completing some of the remaining callbacks in our vnode.

Adding Gleam to your Elixir project

There’s a really cool new BEAM language out there called Gleam. It’s super early days for the language, but what it offers (strong type safety) I think is worth some experimentation for folks that are interested. Lucky enough for those of us currently using Elixir it’s trivially easy to use Gleam code in your Elixir applications. Today I’m going to show you how.

AWS S3 in Elixir with ExAws

In this article we see how to store and retrieve files on AWS S3 using Elixir and with the help of ExAws.

Adopting Elixir at FindHotel

Introducing new technologies into the tech stack of a fast growing company is not a trivial decision. We always need to be mindful to separate technologies that are simply “cool” from those that create real business value, keeping into account business risks.

VS Code Broken for Elixir

You tried using VS Code for Elixir development. You tried out the ElixirLS extension for code insight and code completion. However, the ElixirLS extension kept crashing and never worked for you.