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ExAws with DigitalOcean Spaces

When you are hosting an Elixir/Phoenix app in DigitalOcean you may want to use Spaces, the DigitalOcean’s cloud storage alternative to AWS S3.

Broadway, RabbitMQ, and the Rise of Elixir Part 2

Learn how to leverage RabbitMQ along side Broadway to create a powerful data processing pipeline.

Introduction to Phoenix LiveView LiveComponents

LiveComponents are a new feature of Phoenix LiveView, bringing lightweight reusable components into the LiveView ecosystem.

Testing Side Processes with Monitoring in Elixir

We had passing tests but in most test runs we had a big ugly Ecto sandbox warning because the test finished and terminated before the recording that the email was sent. Not great. Below is a simplified version of what that process looks like.

The Usefulness of Phoenix's static_path/2

In a default Phoenix website, static assets are put in /priv/static in the file system, and will be served from / on the web. For example the CSS file at /priv/static/css/app.css will be served at /css/app.css. The problem this creates in my situation is that there's several folders for static assets (like /css and /js) which increases the chance of a path conflict with the old server.