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Elixir Processes: Spawn, Send, and Receive

All of OTP is built on a handful of process primitives. In this article, we'll explore three in particular, (spawn, send, and receive,) to see how they work together.

Phoenix LiveView Components By Example

An introduction to the latest Phoenix LiveView feature LiveComponents.

Where do I put startup code in Elixir?

Today I want to talk about a pattern that I hear about a lot. It begins with the question “where do I put this code that needs to run when I start up my Elixir application?”

Zigler — inline NIF support

The programming philosophy of Zig matches up nicely with the programming philosophy of the BEAM VM and in particular its emphasis on simplicity and structure should very appealing to the practitioners of Elixir.


Trying out the Advent of Code and looking at Sasa Juric's solution using &Stream.iterate/2.