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Elixir developers are in demand on Vettery

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Surface is a component based library built on top of Phoenix LiveView and its new LiveComponent API.

Compiling to Closures

So what is “compiling to closures”? To say the truth, up until recently I have been mentally cringing every time I heard someone put words “compile” and “closures” together. Normally, when we talk about compiling in the context of programming languages, we refer to the process of translating abstract syntax trees (AST) to some lower-level, simplified, machine-readable form.

GraphQL subscriptions with Elixir and Absinthe

Here are some notes on WebSockets-based Absinthe GraphQL subscriptions. A basic setup and familiarity with regular queries and mutations is assumed.

RTypes Data Generators

A few days ago I found myself having a few hours of free time on my hands and thought that it was a great chance to improve the library. I’ve been “dogfooding” the library in a few projects for a while now.

exor_filter: Nif wrapper for the xor_filter

This library uses dirty nifs for initializing filters over 10K elements! Make sure your environment is setup correctly. Filters of 10M elements can be initialized within 3 seconds.