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Build Better Elixir & Phoenix Apps: Learn OTP

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Querying nested fields of a map with Ecto

Ecto has a map type, which is implemented in Postgres as a JSONB field. It's particularly useful for situations involving user-submitted data, where we don't know the exact shape the data will come in.

Rainbow Inspector

Rainbow Inspector is a small library that allows you to specify a color of output given by inspect() function.

Overlap an image over a QR code using Mogrify

Recently, I was working on writing a QR code generator using Elixir for one of our clients. There was a requirement to have a logo above the QRCode and it should be in the center, to identify which company’s QR code is being scanned. This post is about what I learned about using Mogrify Elixir library to achieve this.

Elixir: What about tests?

There is no arguing about how important tests are for our application. But from time to time, when we are dealing with it, some questions came up on a daily basis. A very common day-do-day case is our application relying on APIs and external libs, but one of the things we don’t want our test suite to do is to access the external world.

Release a Phoenix application with docker and Postgres

This is a minimal introduction on how to bundle and release a Phoenix web application accessing a Postgres database with Docker and the new released feature introduced in Elixir 1.9. We will also create a custom entrypoint which waits for the database to boot and sets the database up with the migrations from Ecto. Finally we will be able to start the complete application with a single docker-compose up command and everything will be ready to use.