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How to repeat something many times in Elixir?

A loop is something that lets you repeat an action many times. The purpose of a loop is to iterate over all elements from a given range.

Verifying Queries with Ecto's prepare_query Callback

In this post, we’re going to look at a technique to guarantee that cross-tenant leaks don’t happen in an Elixir application. We’ll be looking at Ecto’s new(ish) prepare_query callback and how it can be used to inspect (almost) every query that goes through your application. I’ll discuss how I test drove a query inspector to inspect every query for tenancy.

How to write a browser game in pure Elixir

This tutorial will be about developing a clone of Breakout, called BreakoutEx. Breakout is a game where a ball is moving continuously within a squared, 2D board, bouncing on the walls that surround it.

Important information about our Elixir and Ruby Open Source projects

You may have heard that Nubank has acqui-hired Plataformatec. Plataformatec has been working with Nubank over the past few months and Nubank saw great value on the practices and expertise shown by our teams.

Things you should know before you build a web crawler

So you have some web project that you need to scrape data for? This is fairly common and elixir’s process-based concurrency is excellent for this, especially backed by a job queue for robustness but, before we walk through an implementation let’s talk about things you should know before writing a crawler.


Build Better Elixir & Phoenix Apps: Learn OTP

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