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this week's favorite

Alloy: CI/CD tool written in Elixir

AlloyCI is a Continuous Integration, Deployment, and Delivery coordinator, written in Elixir, that takes advantage of the GitLab CI Runner, and its capabilities as executor. It also provides its own runner, the Alloy Runner, which is a fork of the GitLab CI Runner, with extra capabilities.

Easy and Robust Rate Limiting In Elixir

Ever wonder how you could write a rate limiter in Elixir? Check out my latest post to learn about GenServers, Task.Supervisor and Erlang's built in queue data structure.

How Switching From Ruby to Elixir Made Our Team Happier and More Productive

Elixir is designed for programmer happiness. Here is why Elixir is better than Ruby, and why you should choose it as your programming language of choice.

Piping Phoenix Contexts

Phoenix contexts are a great way to organize the code. They separate the business logic from the web related logic. They group together schemas and business logic. And provide clear ways of inter-contextual communication.

A Slight Delight - Compile-time checking things

This was a short-but-sweet thing that struck me while working with a client code-base. It was trivial but both useful and delightful and it is a type of thing I haven't been able to do in Python, PHP and Javascript in quite the same way.