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LiveView, Kuberenetes, BEAM internals, Nerves & 3 day OTP training at Code BEAM SF!

Join the only North American conference to cover all of the BEAM languages, including Erlang and Elixir. Created for developers, by developers, Code BEAM SF is dedicated to bringing the best minds in the Erlang and Elixir communities together to share, learn and inspire over two days.

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Generate API Documentation Effortlessly from your Phoenix/Elixir code

Documenting your REST API can be demanding endeavor. I wrote this three part series to teach you how to create beautiful API documentation directly from your code in a Phoenix/Elixir project. Article captures the whole process, the problems I faced and solutions/workarounds that I've come up with to document the real world REST API. Stay tuned for part 2 and part 3 of this series.

Real-time Object Detection with Phoenix and Python

This article is about Elixir-Python interoperability using Elixir Port and how to bring YOLO real-time object detection functionalities on a Phoenix app.

Announcing hex diff

In short, you input any Hex package name and a version range, and it will generate a highlighted git diff for you, right there in your browser. Not only that, but you can also share the link to the diff, and even highlight a specific row.

Six Famous Companies Using Elixir—And Why They Made the Switch

Elixir is a functional and dynamic programming language first released in 2011, so it’s still relatively new.  Since then, it’s been gaining popularity because it’s highly scalable, reliable, and great for microservices and cloud computing. Let’s look at a handful of major-league companies that decided to introduce Elixir into their architecture and see what they gained from the change.

Building Hex Diff

I wanted to give some insight into the Hex Diff project, how it works, and some issues we ran into on the way. The project is open-source, so feel free to look behind the curtain to see what makes it tick. Some parts of the project originate from my toy version, still running at https://diff.jola.dev, but others were written specifically for this project. We also ended up finding and fixing a bunch of bugs in other projects!


Lead Back-End Developer at Nightwatch (Remote)

We're looking for a reliable developer who enjoys working with server side technologies and possesses a good mixture of DevOps and application development chops, has been around the block a couple of times, and would like to build forward-thinking and innovative solutions with experienced teammates in a relaxed environment. This is a fully remote position, full-time or part-time, with flexible working hours and work arrangements.