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Lumen - Elixir & Erlang in the browser

The Lumen Project is an alternative implementation of the Erlang VM, more known as the BEAM. It is designed to work in WebAssembly with the specific goal of bringing Elixir and Erlang to the browser.

Elixir v1.10 released

Elixir v1.10 comes with improvements to the standard library, the compiler, as well as several additions to the mix release feature added in v1.9. In particular, this version adds a lot of polish to existing features, such as our configuration system and our sorting APIs.

Let's talk about application/0

When you start your new Elixir project via mix new my_awesome_project you will end with something like this in mix.exs.

Periodic jobs in Elixir with Periodic

One cool thing about BEAM languages is that we can implement periodic jobs without using external tools, such as cron. The implementation of the job can reside in the same project as the rest of the system, and run in the same OS process as the other activities in the system, which can help simplify development, testing, and operations.

Ecto Tips: UUID Boilerplate, Docs, and Composing Changesets

I use Ecto Changesets a lot— a TON! and I love them. Since I’ve been using them for a couple years now, I’ve noticed some patterns and now I have a couple tips to share.