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Using Elixir Language Server in Sublime Text 3

Elixir LS can bring us some IDE features to our editor of choice thanks to the Language Server Protocol (LSP). If you are like me, you prefer the speed and simplicity of Sublime Text. Let’s see how to compile Elixir Language Server and how to use it within Sublime Text 3 editor via LSP plugin on Fedora.

How to Get Your Elixir Application Ready for CI/CD

In today’s post, we’ll go over what continuous integration and continuous delivery are, the benefits that come along with employing CI/CD, and some best practices that you should follow. We’ll also explore a wide array of Elixir ecosystem tools that can help you create top-notch CI pipelines. In order to experiment with a handful of the tools that we will be discussing, we’ll use a Git hooks Elixir library to execute our CI/CD validation steps, but on our local machine.

Phoenix LiveView JavaScript Hooks and Select2

With hooks now everything it’s much simpler and smooth. After we’ve added countries elixir dependency, jquery and select2 in assets/package.json and set up the latest LiveView release in our Phoenix project, we can write SelectLive module. In this view we are going to achieve the same results of the previous version, but with much less code on both elixir and javascript side.

Cross-Platform Elixir Releases with Docker

Deployment, despite being an essential task, can be a confusing part of shipping an application. Depending on your stack, there could be a plethora of tools out there or… none at all. Unfortunately, Elixir falls into the latter bucket. Despite having a heart of gold, the language is still obscure, and that makes the process of deployment a tiny bit harder.

Writing a quick and dirty web crawler in Elixir

As to what we are going to be crawling, well how about links to Github repos from the readme pages on some initial set of interesting repositories to see what other Github repositories they used. Since this series is based on an early version of the crawler my co-founder and I ultimately made to get the alpha for Whize launched I think this makes good sense.