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Reusable Elixir Libraries

One of my new goals is to try to make my elixir libraries more reusable. It’s an easy mark to hit if you only use modules and functions. But once you start adding processes, ETS tables, and other stateful constructs, the solutions get murky.

Failing to parse Elixir with Megaparsec

Last year I spent some time trying to parse Elixir with Megaparsec. One of my colleague had started writing a parser for Elixir in Rust using lalrpop, and I thought it'd be fun to write one with a parser combinator so we could compare our implementations.

Custom ExUnit Assertion

Writing an assert_invalid macro for ExUnit assertions. Implementation at the bottom.

Phoenix Presence inside LiveView |> A Simple Example

Normally I'm not a big fan of things that seem like magic, but in the case of Phoenix Presence I actually love it. I love the way you can very simply add Phoenix Presence to your Phoenix app and easily track user's presence with it. Amazing! I will definitely dig into the internals at some point in the future, but for now I wanted to show a very simple example of using Phoenix Presence inside LiveView!

10 Killer Elixir Tips

Being smart can bring you more confidence.


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