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Breaking Out of Ecto Schemas

Typically, when writing queries with Ecto, we use a module that uses an Ecto.Schema. By default, those queries return all fields defined in that schema. That makes a lot of sense when the intention is to retrieve a fully populated struct from the database.

A practical example of TDD Outside-in with Elixir

This is a practical example of TDD Outside-In using Elixir. The Code Kata is called Greeting Service.

Elixir in the Type System Quadrant

Programming languages are created with different kinds of type systems. When “Thinking Elixir”, it is helpful to know where Elixir sits in the Type System Quadrant and where that is relative to the language you are coming from. Beyond coming from OO, you may also be coming from a different area of the Type System Quadrant. It is helpful to understand the differences so you can better appreciate how Elixir may be different than what you’re familiar with.

Migrating Production Data in Elixir

In this post, you’ll learn how to handle migrations that may involve systems other than the database itself, while keeping the entire process idempotent and backward-compatible.

Extract data from a QR code in Elixir

After I had finished working on writing a QR code generator using Elixir for one of our clients, there was a requirement to extract the data from a QR code and storing it. This post is about how I learned to extract the data from a QR code in Elixir.