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My experience learning Elixir

“First you find it strange. Then you can’t get enough of it.” - This was what our Nuno, thought while learning about Elixir.

Deploying Elixir Applications with Duct Tape and Bubblegum

This guide is geared towards a fairly standard Phoenix application, but can be adapted for use with a plain Elixir app by removing the Phoenix-specific steps. This guide also assumes you're looking to deploy on a cheap VPS on something like Linode or DigitalOcean.

Releasing an Umbrella App with Docker, Mix Release and Config

The prelease of Elixir 1.9 earlier this year introduced some powerful new tools. mix release allows us to build a release without Distillery; configuration for our umbrella child apps has been moved to the parent application; the addition of the Config module deprecates Mix.Config and makes it easy to configure our releases, and configuration has been further simplified with the addition of functions like System.fetch_env!. Let’s take advantage of all of these new features in order to build a release of an Elixir umbrella app with the help of Docker.

Elixir and Postgres: A Rarely Mentioned Problem

How To Increase Your Elixir/Postgres Performance 20x With One Weird Trick.

CI/CD with Phoenix, GitHub Actions, and Gigalixir

I like to start my side projects by immediately configuring them with a CI pipeline and automatic deployments. I normally go with Heroku, but Heroku has some drawbacks when deploying Elixir applications.