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Elixir, Poolboy, and Little's Law

Most programming languages use thread pools to improve performance; in Elixir, we use them to constrain our applications. In this article, we explore both why and how to do that with the excellent Poolboy library.

Working With Time Zones in an Elixir Phoenix App

Today we are going to talk about time zones, specifically what they are, how Elixir handles them and then talk about some strategies you can apply when working with time zones in the context of an Elixir Phoenix app backed by an Ecto database.

LiveView click event and offsetX, offsetY coordinates

Phoenix LiveView plays fantastically well with SVG elements, making really easy to render dynamic images, without writing any JavaScript code.

Real-time auto save with Phoenix LiveView

This article will describe a simplified version of the solution. In order to keep things simple we will save changes into the original schema. This comes with some drawbacks; changes will be immediately seen to everyone and we will run into issues in case of failed validations.

8 things to get you started with the Elixir’s interactive shell (IEx)

Are you coming to Elixir from another language with an interactive shell? There are a few specific things about Elixir’s interactive shell (IEx) to keep an eye on and make ourselves more efficient. Here they are.