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How to start processes with dynamic names in Elixir

I’ve run into a couple situations recently where I’ve wanted to kick off a long-running process in response to some action (for example, an API call). A great strategy for this is to pair GenServers with a DynamicSupervisor.

Speeding up re-compilation of Elixir projects

Recently, one of our Elixir Development Subscription clients noticed their development feedback cycle felt a bit sluggish, they sometimes had to wait seconds, or tens of seconds, for a code change to take effect. Today we will talk about how to understand and diagnose those issues.

Waffle is an open-source file upload library for Elixir

Waffle is a flexible library by Boris Kuznetsov which does the hard work of handling file uploads for you, whilst providing easy integration with storage services such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure, RackSpace Cloud, as well as image manipulation tools such as ImageMagick, so that uploaded files can be optimised on-the-fly!

Writing a Command-Line Application in Elixir

My plan was to build something that I'd use daily and other people would potentially find useful. Therefore I decided to build a cli app for Tefter. It's built on Elixir and Ratatouille and it's open-source.

Parser combinators in Elixir

Delving into the world of pure functional programming caused me to learn about parser combinators. Upon returning to Elixir, I was excited to see that nimble_parsec is a great example of a parser combinator library for the Elixir ecosystem.