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Rewriting imports to aliases with compilation tracers

In the recent blog post about speeding up re-compilation of Elixir projects, we hinted at a tool that automatically rewrote imports to aliases on the Hex.pm codebase, called import2alias.exs.

Using Broadway and RabbitMQ to Create a Data Pipeline in Elixir

In this article, I will use Broadway producer for RabbitMQ [2], to demonstrate it’s basic usage developing a simple stock quote retrieval application.

Adventures in Ecto and PostgreSQL: Partial unique indexes and upserts with associations

Let’s say you were asked by your government to implement a national dog registry in order to help them to enforce their new one-dog-policy. Everyone who wants to buy a dog will need to register it at the municipal government.

Phoenix LiveView Dashboard

Hello, Fellow Alchemists! We will show you how you can take advantage of the up and coming Phoenix LiveView Dashboard!

Using custom fonts with Phoenix

Loading custom fonts in Phoenix is straight-forward, but it's still easy to slightly misunderstand how asset directories work and end up with an error like the following.