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Simple Phoenix LiveView App: Markdown show notes

In this episode, we'll set up an enhanced version of Markdown for editing show notes, and sanitize user-entered content.

Select into a Map with Ecto

I recently built a recurring report that required matching a bunch of data from an external API to data from a local database, and I wanted to show you a good way to do that.

Squeezing the most out of the server: Erlang Profiling

While Erlang is famously known for its concurrency model and fault-tolerant design, one of its biggest strengths is the level of live inspection and tuning it offers, often with little or no setup and runtime cost. In this article, we outline how we leverage those features to profile our system, driving the optimizations that can lead to cost reductions.

Elixir Processes: Linking and Monitoring

Erlang's motto is "Let it crash." But what then? What do you do with a dead process and how do you even know it's passed on? Linking and monitoring is the answer, but which one do you choose and when? In this article we answer these questions and more as we investigate linking and monitoring.

Phoenix Live Dashboard

LiveDashboard provides real-time performance monitoring and debugging tools for Phoenix developers.