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Build a real-time Twitter clone in 15 minutes with LiveView and Phoenix 1.5

Phoenix v1.5 has been released with LiveView integration. This release makes it easier than ever to build interactive, real-time applications. We put together a quick screencast to show just how much you can accomplish in 15 minutes with LiveView.

Tail Call Optimization in Elixir

In short, Tail Call Optimization allows you to reduce the number of stack frames your program needs to maintain, in the call stack, for a recursive function by making the recursive call the last call of the function, thus transforming it into a tail recursive function.

Simple upload file local Phoenix Elixir

There is a lack of information on how to do simple upload form in Phoenix Framework and store file into local storage. Although people recommend using Plug or external libraries, sometimes is useful to understand how essential thing work like upload image or PDF can be done using few Elixir scripts.

Macro See, Macro Do

I've been diving into Elixir and Phoenix as of late. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with both and could gush about them for far, far too long. Elixir has some features whose underlying implementation wasn't obvious at first glance, namely the macro quote/2 (that slash and number indicates the arity).

How to Sort Lists by Date using Elixir

Currently, if you need to use Enum.sort on your Elixir project and want to sort lists by date, you may experience problems depending on the Elixir version you are using.