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Process pools with Elixir's Registry

When you have a limited number of resources that you have to share for your all application, like database connections or worker processes, what you need is a pool. In this post, we’re going to take a look at one possible pooling strategy that highly leverages Elixir’s built-in Registry resulting in fast, reliable, and cleanly designed pools.

How to Deploy Elixir Releases with Ansible

This post is going to cover a non-zero downtime deployment. That means that during its course, your app will be offline for a brief amount of time (as we deploy and restart). The BEAM allows for hot-reloads, but we aren’t going to cover that functionality in this post. Even Ansible has ways to do rolling updates, but they require infrastructure that is a bit more complex than the one used in this tutorial.

Authentication in Elixir Web Applications with Ueberauth and Guardian

The majority of web applications require some kind of user or account authentication at some point in their life cycle. One popular option for authentication in an Elixir or Phoenix web application is to use the Guardian package together with Ueberauth.

Elixir currency and localized number format

Today, I’ll show you how quickly and easily add support for ISO localization in Elixir. My app is named Bazaar, so you should rename all occurrences of Bazaar with your’s app name.

asdf: a version manager to rule them all

We keep using more and more programming languages, and we need to control their versions. Enter asdf!