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Testing Elixir nodes using ExUnited

ExUnited offers a lot of flexibility if you want to test Elixir node clusters such as supervising nodes, additional code loading, custom application configurations, easy assertions and refutations within the context of spawned nodes and more.

Phoenix: Integration tests at GitHub actions

In this post, I will try to explain how to do integration tests for your Phoenix project and add them to the checks in your repository.

I added realtime likes in less than an hour with Phoenix's LiveView

If you don’t know what LiveView is, here’s the short of it. LiveView is an Elixir library created for use in the Phoenix Framework, that provides a wrapper around the view layer to provide convenient web sockets that enable serverside rendered realtime updates to the frontend with minimal overhead and without having to write JS like React, Vue or Angular.

Live video streaming with Elixir & Membrane

While working on one of the projects, I recently faced the challenge of setting up a system for real-time live streaming of videos. If you’re familiar with Twitch, the idea here is similar, meaning that the capture of one client’s camera is displayed on recipients’ devices. Viewers can interact with the streamer in ways like tipping them or commenting on their stream. Put simply, the task was to create a domain-specific version of Twitch, where workout buffs could show off with their weightlifting skills, get instant feedback, earn some money from their fans and do all that in almost real-time.

8 Companies That Use Elixir in Production

This language is already a developer favorite, but as it turns out, it is also cherished by companies with products that need to scale. While its underlying machinery is excellent for building messaging tools such as Discord and WeChat, there are multiple other use cases. To showcase them, we have featured eight projects that successfully make use of Elixir in production.