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Getting started with Phoenix LiveDashboard

Check out my latest blog post on Phoenix LiveDashboard to learn how you can go about using it in your Phoenix application.

Using WebSockets With Cookie-Based Authentication

In a new Elixir based backend we are working on, we created a GraphQL based API and used a cookie-based authentication. Nothing new up to this point and everything was going according to plan until we decided to provide a richer experience to the user by having the server push data directly to the page. As we were using GraphQL, subscriptions were the obvious choice.

Comparing and contrasting the BEAM and JVM virtual machines

In this post, we want to explore the BEAM VM internals. We will compare and contrast them with the JVM where applicable, highlighting why you should pay attention to them and care. For too long, this component has been treated as a black box and taken for granted, without understanding the reasons or implications. It is time to change that!

OTP 23 Release

Erlang/OTP 23 is a new major release with new features, improvements as well as a few incompatibilities.

Remove Duplicates From List in Elixir

In the following example, we take a list of integers and pass it to the Enum.uniq/1 function which removes duplicates from the list without altering the original order of the remaining elements.