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Faster code reviews with Elixir

Automatic code reviewer assignment and reminders for faster throughput, improved knowledge sharing and happier development. Now available for GitLab. Built in Elixir.

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My journey integrating a blog in a Phoenix website

This website started as a simple keyword rank tool that I built to fetch the top 100 search results from google for specific keywords and highlight the domain I was looking for. Additionally, I wanted the ability to crawl those 100 results in order to find links pointing to said domain. With the need for concurrency and web sockets, Elixir and Phoenix were an easy choice for the task.


WebPipe allows you to pipe from your servers to the browser!

Hacking Elixir tools in Emacs

Elixir has a very neat autocompletion system in IEx - Elixir’s interactive shell. The purpose of company-elixir is to provide this functionality when working with Elixir code in Emacs. company-elixir is just a backend to the Emacs autocompletion framework called company.

Elixir, NIFs, Xbox Kinect, and LiveView

I came across a Kinect that had been sitting in a box for the past five years and an owner who had no issues letting me borrow it. I enjoyed numerous hours playing Kinect Star Wars with my boys, but then I remembered my original draw to the Kinect: connecting to it and controlling it via a computer. This led me on a journey that touches on Elixir, NIFs, Kinect, and Phoenix LiveView. The Kinext library and the Kinext LiveView demo app were the result of that journey.

Monitoring WebSocket disconnections in Phoenix

Say you want to robustly execute some actions when a WebSocket is closed in Phoenix. For instance, logging the disconnection, or decreasing a gauge. This post shows a way to do that using monitors and a little hack.